Thursday, June 28, 2012

PFC# 17: Candy Colorize

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. I haven't blog or been able to read any blogs for a while because I've had so many events that came up recently. It didn't help that during that time my mom, little sister and her husband, and their kids came to visit. I kept telling myself "hopefully I will be able to work on a post tomorrow"...well that tomorrow eventually became 3 weeks later.

There is no greater way to get back into blogging than to do a Petite Fashion Challenge. 

This month's Petite Fashion Challenge is hosted by the creative and talented DIY /Fashion blogger Sew Petite Gal. Make sure you stop by her blog to see the colorful outfits created by the lovely participants. 

The Challenge: Candy Colorized 

Take a bowl full of colorful candies (M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, jelly beans, etc.), close your eyes, and draw 2-3 pieces.  Now use those colors (+ a neutral of your choosing) to form the basis for your ensemble.

**Extra brownie points if you post more than 1 colorful ensemble or if you add a DIY element **

I had a lot of fun with this PFC. It felt it was a very fun way to have someone experiment and step out of their comfort zone.

For this challenge I use Skittles and drew red, green, and yellow. Unfortunately before I got the chance to take a picture of the Skittles my husband and daughter ate them all. SMH. This was a tough one because red, yellow and green were colors that I didn't have much of. I tried to do the best I could with what I had.

First Outfit 
Wearing: Express Blouse XS, Express Skirt O, Forever21 Necklace, Jessica  Simpson Sling Pump -6

Second Outfit 

Wearing: Forever21 Blazer - S, Forever 21 Dress, The Limited Necklace, Jessica  Simpson Sling Pump -6

Thank you to Sew Petite Gal for hosting this month PFC. It was a fun challenge.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Navy, Red and Polka Dots

Hi everyone. It feels like it has been forever since my last post. I've been so busy I haven't had the chance to blog.

A couple of week ago I went to return a Loft dress I had bought from the outlet and ended up coming home with this dress from the Ann Taylor Factory Store. I was still debating whether to keep the dress or return it and so it sat in my closet unworn.

For once my indecisiveness turned out to be a good thing because the dress turned out to be just what I needed for a party event this past Saturday. Actually it was more of a huge cultural event rather than just a simple party. It was my husband's Uncle's naming party and these types of events usually last all day. They were planning on having over a hundred guests so there was a lot of food to prepare.

I originally wore black pumps and no red belt but had to change into sandals because, as it turned out, I was the designated errand girl. I had to go shopping for all the last minute things that were still needed. The event was good but I was exhausted by the end of the night. The dress is made of 100% cotton and machine washable so I didn't have to worry about ruining the dress if anything got on it. The dress also had pockets which made it so much easier on me because I had a place to put my keys and cell phone.

Have a good weekend. Hopefully I'll have a quiet and relaxing one this time.=)

Wearing: Ann Taylor Factory Dress sz OP, Red belt borrowed from another dress, Jessica Simpson Pump sz 6, The Limited necklace