Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge# 14 Holiday Emergency

I almost sat out of this month's Petite Fashion Challenge because I didn't have time to make alternations to the original outfit I had in mind. 

But luckily the Ann Taylor dress that Vicky helped pick up for me, for only $10 too I might add, arrived just in time for the challenge.  See the dress on Vicky's site here

This month's challenge is hosted by Couture Coco. Please visit her site to see the other ladies outfits. 

The Challenge:  Holiday Emergency
You have a pre-booked dinner date on the first day of your holiday. But the emergency is your luggage is delayed. So this month’s challenge is to style your travel outfit into a special evening look using whatever you carry in your purse and anything else immediately at hand (ie no running out to buy a new outfit!).

Travel:  For the travel I chose this Ann Taylor dress because the material feels like a thick t-shirt, allows room for stretching, feels comfortable, and the best part is, it doesn't wrinkle. I layered the dress with a wrap cardigan to keep me warm during the flight. Most of the time I wear heels when I leave the house, and yes this includes traveling...just ask my husband =). I usually carry my Coach bag with me because it the biggest bag I own that still feels comfortable to lug around and I can usually fit everything I need inside.

Wearing: Ann Taylor Snake Print Cuffed Sleeves Dress -0P, Express Wrap Cardigan -XS, Ann Taylor Perfect Pump- 5.5, Coach bag.

For Dinner:  I took off the cardigan and put on a pair of earrings with a matching necklace that I had in my Coach bag. I swapped my Coach bag for a clutch makeup bag that I was using to carry my makeup. I put my hair up and I was ready for dinner. 

This updo takes less than 2 minutes and only requires a hair tie. Most of the time I try to carry a hair tie in my purse.  For a tutorial on this updo checkout Ebeautyblog. She is one talented girl. 

So how did I do? Don't forget to check out Couture Coco's page for the list of participates.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Wearing Francesca's Collections Dress -SM, Guess Peep Toe Pump-6

I'm always hunting for a fun print dress since my wardrobe still somewhat lacking in that department. During my lunch break I went on a little hunting expedition and found this dress at Francesca's Collections. The print and color caught my interest. The print gave me the impression that I was looking at a multicolored fireworks display. I really liked the burst of colors on the dress. The dress is 100% polyester and has a matching sash. It was a little big on me but, like always, this was the last dress available, and the store had a 14 day refund policy, so I took it home to to think about it.

Side view

Back of view of the dress

The sleeves are a bit long and the fabric bunches in the back when the dress is tied with the sash. 

The dress is shapeless without the sash.

Close up view of the print

Readers what do you think? Should I keep or return the dress?

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Maxi Skirt Dilemma

Wearing: Banana Republic Factory Shirt old -XSP, Forever 21 Maxi Skirt recent -XS , New York & Company old - S/M, Aldo Pump -6, Turquoise Necklace and Earring c/o of  KTR Style

This maxi skirt has been sitting in my closet for a few weeks now. I initially bought the skirt thinking that I would pair it with one of my blouses. The pairing ended up being such a headache for me. I tried to find a top in my closet to go with the skirt but I found out that it was easier said than done.  The skirt is boxy and has an elastic band that made it look frumpy when a top was tucked under the skirt.

More than once I thought about returning the skirt but held on to it because it only cost $12.50 and I wasn't willing to give up on trying to find a way of making it work with my wardrobe. I know I know...not the most rational reasons, right.=)

Today I decided I would give the skirt one more try. I decided to pair the skirt with a simple cotton blouse and added a belt to clinch the skirt at the waist. I initially put on a skinny belt but the fabric bunched up so much that it wound up blocking the belt from view. After a few unsuccessful tries I remembered that I had this wide black belt. I liked the way the wide belt worked with the skirt but I think it would have looked better if I could have worn it with lighter color belt. What do you suggest?  The only thing I'm still not completely happy with is that, even with the wide belt, the material still puffed up a little around the waist area. Overall I was still pleased that I was able to finally able to find a way to wear the skirt. Although my daughter told me that I looked like one of the ladies from the pioneer day.=) See the photo below.

Photo courtesy of fanpop: source

I couldn't decide what accessories to wear with the outfit until I saw the box that had this turquoise necklace and earring tucked inside. This beautiful set is giveaway prize from the lovely KTR of KTRstyle's and I had just received it a few days ago. Check out her blog if you have not done so. She has an amazing sense of style. 

Here is a closer view of the beautiful necklace.

Ladies what do you think of maxi skirts and have you had problems trying to find something to go along with it?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yello' Spring

Wearing: Express Blouse old -XS , Loft Skirt old - OP, Banana Republic Cami - XSP, Jessica Simpson Pump -6, Loft Necklace old, The Limited Ring old -6

I tried to come up with a creative title for this post. Since I was wearing a yellow blouse I thought "hey, why not change the Hello to Yellow." I  know I know...I'm being a dork. =)

With Spring here I am excited to pull out my favorite spring items.

 A long, long, long time ago I would not have considered anything in yellow for the following reasons:  1) The color yellow was too bright for a shy person like me 2) I was afraid yellow would look horrible on me because of my skin tone.

While shopping at Express I found a pretty white blouse on sale but, unfortunately, there were no more blouses in my size. The only extra small left on the rack was this yellow one. My original intention was to try it on just to get in idea of how it would fit me and if the fit worked out I'd try to track down the white version. But as I was looking in the mirror and deciding on the fit a sales representative told me that the yellow blouse looked great on me. I was still a little hesitant but I thought I would give the color a chance and bought the blouse.

For a while the blouse sat in my closet, overlooked and forlorn, until that fateful day when I was looking for a top to pair with the Loft skirt and found the blouse again. Since that day the blouse has been one of my favorite item to pair with the floral skirt.

Ladies, do you have that dreaded color you avoided only to find out that you loved how the color looked on you?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Wanna Salsa

Wearing: Loft Blouse - XSP, Target's Xhilaration Junior Tulip Skirt - S, Guess Open Toe Pumps -6

My husband doesn't really pay too much attention to fashion so I was a little surprised when he mentioned to me that he would like to see me in a high low hem skirt.

Since that day, I have been on the hunt for a high low hem skirt but I wasn't able to find one that I liked. The skirts I found were either too big or too shear.

I came across this skirt when I made a quick stop at Target during my lunch break. The price of the skirt online is $14.99 but in store it was on clearance for $10.48   Since I didn't have time to try it on I just bought the skirt and figured I pair it my wardrobe once I got it home.

 I love the floral prints and the skirt is a jersey like wrap skirt. It's material is 95% polyester, 5% spandex. The skirt is a little sheer and it's best to be worn with either a nude underwear or with a slip.

 I love the way the skirt flows when I move or dance. I imagine that this skirt would be great to wear for a night of Salsa dancing. Now if only I knew how to Salsa dance. Hmmm...I may have to consider taking Salsa dancing class. I wonder what the husband will say. =)

What do you ladies think of high low hem skirts?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forever21 Vibrant Peplum Blazer Forever

Wearing: Forever21 Blazer -S, Loft Dress -OP, Jessica Simpson Nude Pump- 6, 1928 Necklace

I apologize for the delay. I meant to get this post up earlier but life issues kept getting in the way.
My wardrobe was lacking in the blazers department so I decided to do a little shopping. When I shop for blazers my biggest issue is that the shoulder pads makes my shoulder seem broad like I'm wearing football gears. For helpful tips on how to find a good blazer check out Kelly post How to Find a Blazer Jacket That Fits.

Friday, March 9, 2012

One of Those Day

Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up feeling blah and your brain just goes on strike. It hangs a "do not disturb" sign and refuses to help you put together a decent outfit.

Days like these I like to wear my Loft dress I bought a year ago for $25.  The dress gives the illusion of being two separate pieces. This helps eliminate the headache of trying to coordinate an outfit. I can just pair the dress with a subtle colored cardigan, such as the leopard print one I have, and out the door I go. The one thing I'm a little disappointed about is that the dress does not have a lining and the skirt portion of the dress wrinkles very easily.

I apologize for the bad quality of the photos. I left my camera at home and had to use my husband's iPhone to take these photos.
Wearing Loft Dress -0, Express Snow Leopard Cardigan -XS, Ann Taylor Peeptoe Bootie -6, Target Necklace

Ladies what is your "go to" outfit for the days when you your brain just refuses to cooperate? I hope you all have a good weekend.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Something Old, Something New for Spring

Wearing: Express Printed Crew Neck Cardigan -XS , Banana Republic White Shell -XSP,  Loft Floral Skirt -O, Aldo Pump -6

Something Old
Have you ever walked into a store and been immediately drawn to a item?  Maybe it was the color, maybe it was the style, or maybe it was the design but for whatever reason you just had to try it on. That's what happened when I first saw this skirt. I was drawn by the beautiful colors and the floral print. I didn't have anything like it in my wardrobe so I was excited to try it on. It was only available in regular sizes. It ended up being slightly big on me so I sadly put the skirt away and left the store empty handed. But I couldn't stop thinking about the skirt and every time I went inside Loft I kept looking for the skirt. I finally succumbed to my yearnings one day when I saw that there were only two skirts left, one in a size 0 and the other in a size 4.

I am glad I finally got the skirt and it has became one of my favorites. I admit I was sad to put the skirt away when Spring ended last year.  With March here I couldn't wait to wear the skirt again.

My favorite thing about the skirt are the hidden pockets.

See how Tara styled this beautiful skirt here.

Something New
I came upon this Express Cardigan while tweeting with the beautiful Bessie of Bravoe Runway on what item she should buy with her Express gift card.  I was looking to add more prints to my wardrobe and this cardigan seems to just come along at the right time.  I originally wanted to pair the cardigan with a solid color dress or skirt but while looking through my closet I found the Loft skirt. Here is my second attempt at mixing patterns.

Ladies what items are you looking forward to pull out of your closet for Spring?