Monday, January 2, 2012

My Mom Would Be Proud

Growing up my mom always wanted my sisters and I, and there are nine of us, to look our best when we attended family functions. She wanted us to wear a pretty blouse with pants or a skirt. Jeans were forbidden. I was a t-shirt and jeans girl and hated to dress up.  Now that I'm married, my mom words would always come to mind when I'm getting ready for family or community functions. My mom lives far from San Diego and I don't get to see her often but I'm sure if she saw me today she would be proud of her little girl. Ladies, what is the best fashion advice you've received from your mom?

Ann Taylor Drape Neck Button Front Blouse -OP
Skirt: H&M Lace Skirt
Shoe: Ann Taylor Perfect Pump -5.5

I realize that this is my third outfit that features lace. Even though I love lacey things I assure you that my closet is not full of lacey things only. =) This blouse and skirt is famous in the petite community and they are two of my favorite pieces of clothing in my closet. I wore this outfit to my husband's cousin Blessing party today.

Check out how the other petite ladies styled the Ann Taylor Drape Neck Button Front Blouse and H&M lace skirt.

Ann Taylor Drape Neck Button Front Blouse
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H&M Lace Skirt
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Please let me know if you have worn the blouse and skirt and I'll add you to the list.


  1. Cute outfit! I like the way you've styled the lace skirt. They can be kind of tricky, I think. Looks like I should jump on the petite bandwagon and get myself and snag one of these AT blouses (got the lace skirt already).

    I'll be following your lovely site!

    Hello, Framboise!

  2. I am so glad you found this blouse!! I just updated my post to include yours! :)

  3. Oooh I have BOTH these pieces, great inspiration and thanks for the link :)

    You look amazing and wow I can't believe there are 9 of you! You should send your mom the link to this post - I'm sure she will be very proud :)

  4. @Tam, thank you for stopping by my blog. I agreed lace skirt can be tricky to style. I usually pair my lace skirt with a simple blouse or cardigan.

    @ Really Petite, thank you!

    @ Michelle, aww. thanks for adding me to your post. =)

    @ Elaine, thanks, my parents really wanted a boy so they keep trying. Unfortunately my parent are not tech-savvy. My mom has never touch a computer.

  5. Im sure she would...that's two very nice pieces put together!!

  6. That blouse is so pretty! The pieces look great paired together. Happy new year! : )

  7. Super gorgeous outfit...those pieces are perfect together!

  8. You look great in this ensemble and I think your Mom would be proud. It's very ladylike and done extremely well. The best advice my Mom has ever given me is that you should wear what you feel comfortable in. If it isn't you chances are you won't love it.

  9. I love, love, love this look. You mom sure would be so proud. The blue blouse is very feminine and it brings out the goddess in you. What a perfect pair.

  10. beautiful beautiful skirt, love the styling on this :)


  11. @Mrs. Pancake, thank you =)
    @The Little Dust Princess. Glad you liked it
    @TaraMixandMatch . Thanks
    @Bravoe Runway. I love that advice from your mom. Too often do I buy clothes just because I like the way it look and end up not reaching for the item because it's not comfortable.
    @Nelah Thanks, I have a thing for feminine clothes. It's the girly girly side of me.

  12. The bigger pictures are MUCH better! Now we can see your outfit beautifully. I saw this outfit in real life and can attest to how great and put together you looked. Love this combo. =)

    My mom didn't really give fashion advice, but I did grow up watching as she had to at least put herself together a little bit before going out of the house. Even on her most busy and frazzled days, she never goes outside in sweat pants or wrinkly clothes. Now I'm the same way. Even if I'm really sick, I'll at least put on real clothes before heading out the door.

  13. Love your skirt and the color of your top is beautiful!

  14. hehe my mom does the same thing! she would always critique my clothes and makeup when we go places..I guess they didnt want me to embarrass their friends :D

    Happy new year dear!

  15. Great top!

  16. @ Alterations Needed Kelly, you are so sweet =) We learn what to wear or what we may not want to wear from my mothers.
    @SewPetiteGal thank you =)
    @Megan thank you,the skirt is one of my fave.
    @alittlepetite thanks.
    @simplyvonne my mom and your mom will have a blast together.
    @Hi, I'm Jane . thanks I love the blouse.

  17. great look!