Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snow Leopard, Floral and Cobalt Blue

Express Snow Leopard -XP old
Top: Modcloth dress worn as a top S
Tigh: Limited -S
Belt: Limited -S
Shoe: Arden B. old -6

The only animal print clothing I own is a cardigan with snow leopard prints. I like that the print is more on the subtle side. The close up photos made the color of the cardigan look biege but it really has more of a pink tint to it. This is probably the closest I will come to owning any clothing that has animal print on it =). Even though I love seeing the petite bloggers rock the animal print I'm not sure if I would like a bolder animal print.

The cobalt blue top is actually a dress that I purchased from Modcloth during their Cabinet Fever Sale. The dress was on final sale for $13.  The reviews indicated that the dress material is very thin and sheer. I would have to say that I agreed. The dress is too thin to be worn even with tights and I would probably recommend wearing it with a slip. As much as I hated buying final sale items online I figured I could always wear the dress as a top for now and when summer came around I could wear the dress with a slip.

Here I am playing with my camera and the window reflections before my husband stopped by my office to say "hi."

Yummy Thai food for lunch from Sala Thai to celebrate a collegue's last week of work with us.

Hope everyone's week is going well. Hang in there, the weekend is almost here. =)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunar New Year, Mustard & Ketchup

Happy Lunar New Year!Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

The fun thing about working in the international education field is the wonderful cultural holidays we get to experience. To celebrate the Lunar New Year and welcome the Year of the Dragon, we held a celebration for our students.

Look Lantern head=)
 J.Crew old - XS
Cami: Banana Republic - XSP
Skirt: Express - OO
Tigh: Target -S
Necklace: Banana Republic -recent
Shoe: Arden B. old -6

I wanted to wear some fesitive colors to celebrate the Lunar New Year so I decided on a red and yellow outfit. I originally thought of pairing red with yellow for an outfit post but haven't been able to do it. When I found out we were going to have this even I thought "this would be a perfect opportunity to wear this outfit." The red paired with yellow combination reminded me of ketchup and mustard hence the title ketchup and mustard. =)

I was playing with the settings on my new camera. The two outfit photos were taken with the soft element feature of my camera.

Since I was too shy to ask my colleagues to take more photos, I used the reflection of the black window of the building to take this photo.

Close up view of the necklace.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A Quick Marshalls Fitting Room Reviews

I had an hour before I had to pick up my son so I decided to check out the local clothing stores.  Every now and then I like to head to Marshalls to see if I can find anything so I decided to stop by the one that was in the area. As exciting as it is to find a great deal, I have to admit, I get overwhelmed looking at the racks and racks of clothes. The Marshalls was smaller than the other Marshalls I've been to and didn't seem to have as good of a selection. But after going through the racks I found two dresses that look like they may have the right cut for my body.

First up is this dress. It was on clearance for $10. The intricate details on the dress is lovely in person and for an added bonus the dress has hidden pockets.

However the dress ended up not complimenting my figure and the dress looked wider than it actually was on me.
Verdict: Pass. It was a great price but I didn't love the dress enough to want to spend money on alterations.

Up next is this pretty red dress with pockets. The color and the collar details was what drew me to this dress.

This dress looked better on me than the previous one. I liked how the dress sits naturally on my waist and, did I mention that, I loved the pockets. I also liked that the arm hole is not too big. However the material is thin so it's not a good dress to be worn out during the winter unless you layer the dress. 

Verdict: Pass...for now.  I'm trying to be more practical and only buy the clothes I need (or at least really really really want =D). 

Ladies, how often do you shop at Marshalls? 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Gray Coat

I.N.C- gift from husband old - SP
Dress: Loft Lace Sweater Dress- XP
Scarf: unknown brand - gift from colleague
Hat: Aldo
Earring: Loft
Shoe: BCBG Genernation bootie -6

It's finally beginning to feel like winter in San Diego.  For the past few weeks the weather here has been really nice but after it rained this weekend, the temperature has dropped and winter has started to settle in. Winter here is pretty mild compared to the Midwest and East Coast. I know for sure I wouldn’t survive the harsh winter there.
I received this grey coat from my husband for Christmas a couple years ago. It has become one of my "go to" coats. I love that the coat is simple but can be very versatile. I can throw it over my work outfit or wear it with a dressy outfit for a night out. One of the downsides of the coat is that the material (69% polyester, 27% rayon, 4% spandex) is very thin and there is no lining so it will not keep you warm in very cold weather.  Fortunately, you can just add a sweater underneath the coat for added warmth and, since it is thin, you will not feel like you are losing some mobility from the layering.

It’s been a while since I bought a new coat and I think it's about time to get a new one. I’m currently on the hunt for an affordable black coat.  Hope everyone's week is going well.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Throwing a Pair of Pants into the Mix

New York and Company old -XS
Shell: Ann Taylor Silk Necktie Shell with Pintucks old - OP
Pant: Express old-OS
Shoe: Ann Taylor Perfect Pump -5.5

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a great week. The weekend is almost here. =) My husband usually tries to come and have lunch with me at least once a week and since he had joined me for lunch today I asked him to take a few photos.

My work outfits have lately consisted of the following combinations; blouse with a skirt, cardigan with a skirt, or a dress with or without a cardigan.  Every now and then I throw a pair pants into the mix.

I love the silk tie-neck blouse but unfortunately my bow-tying skills are lacking. See the same top on Kelly of Alternations Needed and Jean of Extra Petite.  Any recommendations on tying a perfect bow?

This is the Express short length pants. The length is fine as long as I'm wearing three and a half inch heels but is a little long when worn with flats. Looking at the photo I noticed that the pants is slightly big on me but the fit was perfect when I first purchased it. My weight seems to fluctuates alot so sometimes the pants can feel: too tight, fit just right, or feel slightly loose.  Do you ladies have the same issues?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mixing Patterns

One of my style goals for 2012 is to learn how to mix patterns. I love how these ladies; Ann of 9 to 5chic, Tara of Mix and Match Fashion and Jen of  Her Waise Choice, makes mixing patterns seem so effortless and chic.  Mixing patterns is a challenge for me. I couldn't seem to grasp the concept on styling two prints without looking like a hot mess. =)

I wanted to start with little patterns and hopefully be more adventurous once I get better at it. I got my inspiration from Jean's post Style in a Suitecase, Part 1- Gingham and Lace. I love how she styled her lace skirt with the gingham shirt. I have the same lace skirt and wanted to style it with the same color combination along with something a little more feminine.

The Limited old -XS
Skirt: Ann Taylor Glazed Lace Skirt
Belt: Ann Taylor  old -XS
Bracelet:The Limited old
Shoe: BCBG Genernation bootie -6

See how Jean paired the skirt with another outfit here.
See how Elle styled the skirt here, here, here and here.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Petite Fashion Challege# 12 From Night to Day

This month's Petite Fashion Challege is hosted by Khatu of I am Khatu. Be sure to visit Khatu's blog to see her and all the other petite ladies entries.

The Challenge: Restyle a glamorous look that you would typically wear for a night-out-on-the-town into daytime casual wear.

This is my first time paracipating in a Petite Fashion Challege so I'm kinda nervous. Lets see what I can come up with.

When I read this month's challege the first thing that came to my mind was "how can I take a sequin tank and utilize it in the three ways outlined in the contest?"

Going out: I'm not comfortable with wearing just the tank with the mini skirt so I wore a cardigan over it.  Since the sequin tank really stood out I wanted to keep the accessories to a minimum and only added a gold bracelet.

                        Cardigan: Charolette Russe old -M
                        Tank: Express Sequin-Front Tank in Venetian Teal - XS
                        Skirt: Limited old -0
                        Shoe: Nine West - 6 (bought it from Ross for $7)

Casual Day: I wanted to use the tank as a pop color to a netural outfit. The sequin tank is very long so I tucked in the extra length.

                     Top: Banana Republic Factory old-XSP
                     Tank: Express Sequin-Front Tank in Venetian Teal - XS
                     Jean: Limited old -2S
                     Shoe: Ann Taylor Peep Toe Bootie -6

In case you are wondering this how long the tank is.

Work: I kept the outfit simple and layered the tank over a ruffle shell and under a blazer.

                             Blazer: Limited old -0
                             Shell: Banana Republic Factory old - XSP
                             Tank: Express Sequin-Front Tank in Venetian Teal - XS
                             Shoe: Ann Taylor Perfect Pump 5.5

So how did I do on my first Petite Fashion Challege?

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Mom Would Be Proud

Growing up my mom always wanted my sisters and I, and there are nine of us, to look our best when we attended family functions. She wanted us to wear a pretty blouse with pants or a skirt. Jeans were forbidden. I was a t-shirt and jeans girl and hated to dress up.  Now that I'm married, my mom words would always come to mind when I'm getting ready for family or community functions. My mom lives far from San Diego and I don't get to see her often but I'm sure if she saw me today she would be proud of her little girl. Ladies, what is the best fashion advice you've received from your mom?

Ann Taylor Drape Neck Button Front Blouse -OP
Skirt: H&M Lace Skirt
Shoe: Ann Taylor Perfect Pump -5.5

I realize that this is my third outfit that features lace. Even though I love lacey things I assure you that my closet is not full of lacey things only. =) This blouse and skirt is famous in the petite community and they are two of my favorite pieces of clothing in my closet. I wore this outfit to my husband's cousin Blessing party today.

Check out how the other petite ladies styled the Ann Taylor Drape Neck Button Front Blouse and H&M lace skirt.

Ann Taylor Drape Neck Button Front Blouse
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H&M Lace Skirt
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Please let me know if you have worn the blouse and skirt and I'll add you to the list.